July 28, 2014
Kiwanis Club makes sizable donation to autism charity: The Kiwanis Club of Providenciales donated $5,800 to the HOPE Foundation for Autism from funds raised between that organization and its junior club the Circle K. The donation was made on Wednesday (July 16, 2014) in the Misick and Stanbrook law firm Conference Room off the Leeward Highway in Providenciales. Gordon Burton, President-elect of the ... Read More


The first Kiwanis club was organized in Detroit, Michigan, in 1915. Kiwanis became international with the organization of the Kiwanis Club of Hamilton, Ontario, in 1916. Kiwanis limited its membership to the United States and Canada until 1962, when worldwide expansion was approved. Since then, Kiwanis has spread to all the inhabited continents of the globe.

Kiwanis was defined as “an organization for men” in the constitution adopted in 1924. Membership was opened to women in 1987, and today women serve in leadership positions at all levels of the organization.

The Kiwanis Name

The name “Kiwanis” was coined from an expression in an American Indiana language of the Detroit area, “Nunc Kee-wanis,” which means, “we trade” or “we share our talents.”

Kiwanis of Providenciales

The Providenciales (Provo) chapter of the Kiwanis Club was founding in August  1991 by the late Michael Taylor as the president and have been active for the past 26 years.  There is also a chapter now active on the Capital, Grand Turk.